The 28 Most In-Demand Nursing Jobs of 2022

Quite frankly, there are countless nursing jobs because there are many types of nurses and an impressive array of nursing specialties. As a result of COVID-19, a growing population, and healthcare trends that have emerged as technology advances, the healthcare industry has been driven to evolve beyond traditional care. Though this has brought change and … Keep Reading

Our Guide to New RN Grad Jobs

Nursing is one of the most rewarding professions there is, so if are you a new RN grad, well done! You鈥檝e already made one wise, life-changing decision by joining the ranks of some truly amazing caregivers. It’s no surprise that new nurse graduates may feel a little dazed and confused as they enter the workplace; … Keep Reading

Why Become a Nurse: 7 Pros and Cons to Help You Decide

Are you thinking about becoming a nurse? If so, you鈥檙e not alone. The role has risen in popularity since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and there are no signs of it slowing. Surveys show that, despite the pandemic, nursing school admissions have grown by almost 6% since 2020. So, if you鈥檙e here, you鈥檙e likely … Keep Reading

5 Tips to Navigate Being a Mom in Nursing School

People say being a mother is the most challenging and most rewarding job you will ever have. Nursing will undoubtedly come in as a close second. Being a mom has also likely prepared you well for nursing school, but you will face demands that your classmates without children simply don’t have. Do not let this … Keep Reading

Life As A Nurse: Behind The Scenes

Nursing is an extremely rewarding and highly demanding career. While not for the faint of heart, life as a nurse can be fulfilling; providing the opportunity to live a balanced life outside of work and make an impact on the lives of your patients. Whether you are looking to change careers or are ready to … Keep Reading

20 Things Prospective Nurses Need to Know

Have you been thinking about becoming a nurse? It’s become a popular career choice, especially since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Surveys showed that, despite the challenges introduced by the pandemic, nursing school admissions surged by almost 6% in 2020. But, what’s important to know before making this big step?聽 This article will discuss … Keep Reading

What is the HESI Exam and How to Prepare?

鈥嬧婽he HESI is a set of standardized, computer-based tests taken by prospective and current nursing students. The HESI A2 is an entrance exam, and the other test is the HESI Exit Exam. Of course, it is no surprise that high-stakes tests like these can cause a lot of anxiety. However, upon completing these exams, it … Keep Reading

What are Clinicals in Nursing School? What to Expect

Clinicals are the most exciting and most terrifying part of nursing school. You will be taking care of real patients with real medical issues, in real life. Of course, you will have guidance and help every step of the way, but this is your chance to practice being a nurse before becoming a nurse. Nursing … Keep Reading

12 Important Tips on How to Survive Nursing School

Nursing school can be challenging. We want you to know how to survive nursing school, so we’ve supplied the following tips, gathered from decades of experience working in the field with patients. An education in nursing can launch a satisfying career in healthcare. Certainly, your experience as a nurse will be shaped by how you … Keep Reading

Can You Work While in Nursing School? Here’s how!

Most schools will tell you that it is impossible to work while in nursing school. But is that true? Many students need to work during school, whether to pay for classes, support their family members, or continue to support themselves – they have responsibilities that persist throughout the duration of the program. It’s estimated that … Keep Reading