Alumni Spotlight: Edwina, BSN, “You Can Accomplish Your Dreams”

Today, we’re spotlighting a student journey that reminds us to never stop working toward our goals. Edwina began her BSN journey when she was 76 years young. Edwina was inspired to go back to school during the pandemic so that she could help others. Keep reading to hear Edwina’s story.   “The author C.S. Lewis … Keep Reading

Quotes for Nurses: 172 Words of Wisdom for All Nurses

Nursing is a challenging but rewarding career. However, what if you feel down or burnt out in your current role (or in class if you’re in nursing school)? How can you reignite the passion that once drove you to choose nursing? Here are many of the best inspiring, moving, and hilarious quotes for nurses to … Keep Reading

Nurse Midwife Certification: The Complete Job Guide for 2023

If you’re considering a role in labor and delivery, but desire more direct involvement, then obtaining your nurse midwife certification may be the perfect option for you. This field allows nurses to combine their skills in caring for expecting mothers and being present during deliveries (and afterward). If you’re passionate about gynecology and nursing, obtaining … Keep Reading

The 28 Most In-Demand Nursing Jobs of 2022

Quite frankly, there are countless nursing jobs because there are many types of nurses and an impressive array of nursing specialties. As a result of COVID-19, a growing population, and healthcare trends that have emerged as technology advances, the healthcare industry has been driven to evolve beyond traditional care. Though this has brought change and … Keep Reading

How Much Does a BSN Make? Here are the Top 25 Highest Paying States

Registered nurses (RNs) are responsible for providing and coordinating the care of patients to help them heal from health conditions, as well as educate and provide emotional support to patients and their families. Some of the duties of RNs include:  Assessment of patient Documentation of the patient’s medical history Administration of medications, wound dressing changes, … Keep Reading

How Much Does Nursing School Cost?

Nursing school is an investment in your future. Although it eventually pays for itself with a fulfilling nursing career,  it can be challenging during the initial stages, especially when it comes to finances. One of the concerns that future nurses have in common is how much does nursing school cost? There is no single, clear … Keep Reading

How Long Is Nursing School?: Your Quick Guide

So, you want to become a registered nurse? The first step on your journey is to finish a nursing program. Through classroom and clinical training, nursing school teaches you the essential skills you’ll need for the role and to care for patients. But how long is nursing school? The path you take to become a … Keep Reading

How To Get Into Nursing School: Your Five-Step Guide

Nursing is a respected and trusted profession. In fact, nursing ranked as the most trusted profession for the 20th year in a row in 2022. If you’re considering a career as a nurse, there are many opportunities across various roles, and kickstarting your nursing education is an essential first step for your career path. But … Keep Reading

Four High-Demand Nursing Jobs and Specialties for 2022

As we enter the second full year of the pandemic, the healthcare industry continues to evolve in response to COVID-19—with the need for more nurses growing every day. Even before the pandemic, the employment of registered nurses was projected to grow faster than any other profession over the next decade. But with these sweeping healthcare … Keep Reading

2021 Wrap-Up: Amazing Year of Growth at Aspen University

As we kick off 2022, we can’t wait for the new beginnings and achievements this year has in store for Aspen University and our students. But with New Year’s resolutions and goals all on our minds, we also wanted to look back on the amazing milestones the Aspen community reached in 2021. This past year … Keep Reading