Aspen’s Online DNP Program Among the Nation鈥檚 Best for 2022

Are you thinking about pursuing your DNP? As one of the highest degrees a nurse can earn, a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) can open up leadership and high-level opportunities for your career across clinical and academic areas鈥攁nd 91AV精品 one of the best choices for your doctoral goals this year. Aspen is proud … Keep Reading

2021 Wrap-Up: Amazing Year of Growth at Aspen University

As we kick off 2022, we can鈥檛 wait for the new beginnings and achievements this year has in store for Aspen University and our students. But with New Year’s resolutions and goals all on our minds, we also wanted to look back on the amazing milestones the Aspen community reached in 2021. This past year … Keep Reading

Never Give Up: How Coretta Found Joy in Achieving Her BSN

Coretta Hunter had already built her career as a teacher when she decided to go back to school and launch a second act with nursing. Changing careers can be challenging for anyone, especially a single mom juggling life and three kids. But with encouragement from her beloved aunt and the strength she found in her … Keep Reading

An Unforgettable Day at Aspen’s 2021 Commencement Ceremony

When Aspen University invited me to attend the October 2021 Commencement Ceremony, I was honored and excited. As a non-faculty member of the Aspen team, I was curious to meet Aspen students in person and hear directly from them about their experiences. Phoenix is a beautiful city with a sparse desert landscape complimented by incredible … Keep Reading

Alona Earned Her BSN After a 17-Year Break, and She鈥檚 Ready for More

Becoming an attorney was the initial plan for Alona Roldan. But when hefty education costs left her looking for a different career path, she fell in love with nursing. Now Alona, who works as a program manager for a Medicare Advantage Health Plan, wants to grow her nursing career even more and push the envelope … Keep Reading

Meet Your 2021 Commencement Ceremony Student Speakers

At Aspen University, we鈥檙e always amazed by our students and their accomplishments. Working toward a university degree presents a unique set of challenges and goals, especially for those pursuing education during the pandemic. The faculty and administration of Aspen University commend all our graduates for persevering through it all to reach their dreams and anticipate … Keep Reading

Gayle Achieved Her BSN Dream and Embraced Every Detour Along the Way

Completing the RN to BSN program with a perfect GPA was a professional and personal victory for Gayle Coyne. Decades earlier, when she applied to a music program in Wisconsin, the university would not accept her hard-earned nursing diploma and told her she wasn鈥檛 college material. She triumphantly proved them wrong. Now at 75 years … Keep Reading

Get to Know Jaclyn: RN to BSN Student and Phoenix Scholarship Recipient

Jaclyn Sonenschein started preparing to become a nurse when she was a young child. Crafting casts out of paper and tape, she wanted to help all her imaginary sick toys feel better. These days her patients are children themselves at Phoenix Children鈥檚 Hospital (PCH), where she works as a floor nurse and relief charge nurse … Keep Reading

Meet Your Tampa BSN Pre-Licensure Program Director: Zachary Nethers

Dr. Zachary Nethers鈥 career spans many areas, from the army and EMT to bedside nursing and academic leadership. But all of his accomplishments are driven by three things; his love for education, travel, and serving communities. Even though Dr. Nethers already obtained multiple advanced degrees, his own student journey continues as he currently pursues an … Keep Reading

Dolly Greene Earned Her BSN at 72 and Gained Newfound Confidence

Going back to school as a working adult is never an easy task. For Dolly Greene, embracing the challenge in her 70s was part of her dedication to learning and constantly evolving as a nurse. She graduated from Aspen University鈥檚 RN to BSN completion program in 2020, proudly achieving her dream of having the three … Keep Reading